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Eventhropology wants to go even further in offering a better quality service for its events and for this reason we offer our clients the best solutions on-line. We offer greater flexibility when applying solutions, adapting everything to your needs at any time. We design a web page for your event to be able to manage it easily and in the most effective way.

- Sending communications and invitations to your guests

- Creating inscription pages

- Confirmation of assistance

- Managing inscriptions and hotel reservations

- Managing Diners

- Polls on line

- Entrance control

- Online payment

- Posting pictures, videos and images of your event to share with your guests

And anything you can think of with just one click and no effort at all.

  Aviso legal - Eventhropology S.L. - C/Agatha Christie 71. Madrid 28055 - info@eventhropology.es - tel: +34 91 188 89 24 - fax +34 91 187 71 43